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We want nothing more than to see our clients succeed online, and we have over 20 years experience and expertise to make it happen for you. Since our launch back in August 2000, we have helped many businesses with custom designed websites that exceeded their expectations.









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We have everything covered for you to hit the world-wide web with a bang!


My Web Designer has been designing and creating websites for more than 20 years, and always looking for ways of improvement and development.

And in this industry we found that experience is crucial in all areas, from design, functionality, work flow, to reliable customer support.


We want you to love your website and the service we offer you. We are here to work with you to capture your vision and to create a website that will represent your company in a way that will help boost your leads and sales.

And with unlimited design revisions, we keep refining on the design until you are 110% happy with the creation.


Our service does not stop when we complete your website.

We offer support for the life of your website with us, which means you can rely on us to help you grow, and we also update your website any time at no additional cost to you.

Tested & Proven

Our web design, development and SEO process and protocol is the best in the business.

So feel at ease in knowing that everything we do will highly benefit you and your company's exposure on the world-wide web.


Your Company's website needs are very important to us and the timeframe of its completion is of high priority also.

We can guarantee you that the level of one-on-one time with your designer will be efficient and reliable, and the total dedication to your project enables us to complete the website in a very efficient timeframe for you.

Website Design

At My Web Designer we plan, create and code internet sites and web pages of any size, We combine text, pictures, graphics and video clips to suit your needs, and to create a website that will exceed your expectations.

My Web Designer articulately creates the design and layout of your website to ensure you are more than happy with the final result, plus we update your website at anytime at no additional cost to you.

Website Development

At My Web Designer we take pride in our web development process and protocols to ensure we build and maintain websites of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness.

The work that happens behind the scenes is what makes your website look great, work fast and perform well by using a variety of coding languages.

Logo Design

At My Web Designer we know that Company branding and marketting is crucial to your Company's online presence and success.

The Company logo is the first aspect that will represent your Company's image and reputation, and My Web Designer can design and create a logo that will suit your needs and vision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

My Web Designer offers a premium SEO service to get your website highly visible on the world-wide web and ranking well on google search, at an affordable price. Our intriquite SEO process and protocol gives you the results that you need.

Hosting Service

My Web Designer offers a secure Website Hosting Service to get your website live and running on the world-wide web at low rates. Call us on 0413 170 118 or email to connect to our hosting provider today.

Domain Name

My Web Designer also offers Domain Name Registrations to get your business started on the world-wide web with the name that you want. Call us on 0413 170 118 or email to register your domain name today.


June 2024


Dynamic Websites are a very popular website design, it portrays professionalism, is appealing and the perfect website design to promote your business in the best way.

Visit: to see this website live.

Call us on 0413 170 118 if you would like this style website to be the face of your online presence.

January 2024


Responsive Websites are a wonderful website design, it is very professional looking, very appealing to the eye and it perfectly portrays a business of professionalism and quality.

Visit: to see this website live.

Call us on 0413 170 118 if you would like this style website to be the face of your online presence.

August 2023


If you would like a Professional-style Website to promote your business, brand or service, we can create you the perfect website to suit your needs.

My Web Designer's website is the perfect example of a Professional business design.

Call us on 0413 170 118 if you would like this style website to be the face of your online presence.


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